The depths of the Indian and Pacific oceans are waiting for you.

A world of colours will lead you to our aquarium where you will find sharks with black tips, corals, funny clown fish or the beloved sea turtle, among many other species.

The diversity of animal species in Marineland will contribute to your learning while you will be touring our 4 large aquariums, without even getting wet. Besides, you will discover how fascinating and relaxing is to observe the large number and variety of fish in different colours.

Shark tank

In this great aquarium, there are species such as the famous blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus), as well as the bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum).

You will recognize blacktip reef sharks immediately because of their prominent black tips on their fins. This species is found in shallow waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Their diet is based on small fish, squid, octopus, cuttlefish and prawns. Moreover, they are viviparous animals, which means that they give birth to baby sharks.

Regarding friendly loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta), they use to live in harmony with sharks. The Balearic archipelago is an important area for the passage of juveniles and subadults of this kind of turtles. They are especially abundant from June to October, coinciding with the biggest fishing effort of the year. Moreover, they feed on fish, crustaceans, molluscs, algae, marine plants and jellyfish. They are very long-lived and can reach ages close to 100 years.

For several years, our dear loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) has been living in Marineland. One day, the animal collided with a boat near the coast and suffered irreversible damage caused by a propeller. Unfortunately, one of the sides of the turtle’s face was damaged and, consequently, it suffered the loss of the left eye’s vision. Currently, this animal is healthy and happy in our aquarium, being in harmony with other species.

We will also find in the park the impressive moonfish (Monodactylus argenteus), the coral fish (Heniochus acuminatus) and the Picasso’s fish (Rhinecanthus aculeatus), among a great diversity of fishes originating in the Indian and Pacific oceans. Sand bottoms and even small underwater caves located in the aquariums will show you some of the mysteries of life at the bottom of the sea.


Marine aquariums

In these three aquariums, you could see animals which are impressive due to their rare beauty. Cute clown fishes (Amphiprion ocellaris), surgeon fishes (Paracanthurus Hepatus), and butterfly fishes (Chelmon rostratus), as well as spectacular colourful corals creating a festive atmosphere.


Mediterranean aquarium

In this great aquarium, you can meet the most characteristic species such as rays, blankets, guitar fishes, sea basses… what is a perfect example of the animals that live in our waters.

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