The depths of the Indian and Pacific oceans are waiting for you.

A world of colours takes us into our aquarium where you can find corals, the funny clown fish or the endearing sea turtle, among many other species and a large sea turtle.

The diversity of animal species in Marineland will contribute to your learning while you will be touring our 4 large aquariums, without even getting wet. Besides, you will discover how fascinating and relaxing is to observe the large number and variety of fish in different colours.

Marine aquariums

In these three aquariums, you could see animals which are impressive due to their rare beauty. Cute clown fishes (Amphiprion ocellaris), surgeon fishes (Paracanthurus Hepatus), and butterfly fishes (Chelmon rostratus), as well as spectacular colourful corals creating a festive atmosphere.


Mediterranean aquarium

In this great aquarium, you can meet the most characteristic species such as rays, blankets, guitar fishes, sea basses… what is a perfect example of the animals that live in our waters.

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