Animal exhibits

Animal exhibits

Marineland Mallorca offers three different exhibitions: dolphins, sea lions and exotic birds. The main purpose is showing the public the different capacities and varied behaviours of these diverse animals.

Dolphins show

We are proud to be able to carry on our dolphin exhibition to the public. Daily, dolphins perform two demonstrations that are a must. They are our stars. We have 5 friendly dolphins who will delight our visitors, including Blue and Mateo, along with Estel and Aitami. They will make you enjoy an exhibition where you will learn more about their intelligence. Moreover, you will appreciate their great learning aptitude and their capacity when it comes to display a great range of skills.

Being smart and affectionate animals, their behaviour proves their integral relationship with trainers. Dolphins transmit their force jumping in a coordinated way and interacting with trainers in the water, as well as exhibiting their visual capacity and their high ability regarding speed and rapidity in their movements. You will see they are absolutely amazing! All this show is located in an incomparable setting, overlooking the sea, where the large group of bottlenose dolphins will delight the visitors every day, via a show with significant didactic and educational character.

Sea Lions Exhibition

Did you know that sea lions are easily confused with seals? In order to distinguish them, we have to look closely at the ears, since the seals are characterized by lacking them, but sea lions have small outer ears.

In this exhibition of sea lions, we will show you the differences between them and seals, plus the different curiosities and skills they have when performing exercises. Without any doubt, if you are a lover of these wonderful animals, you cannot miss this show which is so fun and moving. It will bring you a closer approach to them. We have two shows during the course of which we are sure the sea lions will make you enjoy and make the most of your visit to Marineland Mallorca.

Exotic birds

The new INFINITY stadium is located in front of the breathtaking view of the bay of Costa d’en Blanes, where different demonstrations of exotic birds, cockatoos and parrots with long tail and spectacular colours are held. During the show, we will confirm the intelligence of these birds, particularly how smarts are the macaws that will delight kids and adults. This is a show where we will not only learn about animal biology, but where we can also know thoroughly species such as hyacinth macaws or blue and yellow macaws (Ara ararauna), or even our little sun parakeets (Aratinga solstitialis), also known as sun conures.

Our caretakers will enter you into an unknown world where you will discover the details of the characteristics of these birds and see what they are capable of doing. During the half hour duration of the exhibition, a free flight will leave you speechless. You will feel the flutter of all of them as they pass swiftly over your shoulder and, in addition, to attend a real math master class with our “teacher”, Robert, who is a hyacinth macaw that will surprise you by adding numbers just like humans do. You will discover the strength of his powerful beak and, at the same time, you will feel the delicacy with which he is able to use it.

You may be surprised by the intelligence that these birds give off, being able to repeat their name and to greet visitors. Also, you will be dazzled with the white plumage of these cockatoos and their bright colour.

If you like birds, do not miss the opportunity to meet this family, the most friendly and quaint animal group of Marineland Mallorca. Moreover, a competition between great rivals such as Charly and Manola will determine who of them will be the winner of the team in which you will also take part. Join the race and enjoy with them!

At last, as a grand finale, you can join the last dance by Henry and Clio. They will celebrate this way your visit having spent a wonderful day with them.



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