DISCOVERY EXPERIENCE is a complete and exhaustive tour of MARINELAND MALLORCA to enter the terrestrial and marine animal world with the help of our human team of biologists, veterinarians and caretakers of the different species that inhabit the park. Get ready to discover and know how they live, their characteristics, their care and their day to day.
Upon arrival at the park, you will be greeted by our Marineland staff who will provide you with all the indications regarding DISCOVERY EXPERIENCE.

Through their caretakers, they will learn about all the characteristics of our 5 California sea lions. They will be able to pet and photograph them with them and learn about their diet and great intelligence.

Through an educational talk, they will expand their knowledge about seals and discover that the vituline seal can be submerged in water for more than 10 minutes. They will be able to see them swim underwater, caress them and take pictures with them.

Through a meeting lake they will discover and meet our most endearing visitors, the dolphins. Knowing what their movements are like underwater, how they communicate with their trainers and caregivers, discovering the different sounds they transmit during submersion, where they breathe and how they reproduce are some of the most relevant experiences that will surprise you before you can caress or kiss them. and even embrace them in a stamp that will be immortalized for the memory through a photograph.

With the first-person approach of several of our parrots specimens, they will perceive unique sensations with the human support of the team specialized in this species. They will get to know them closely, they will talk to them and they will take home one of the most charming photographs of their time in Marineland Mallorca.

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They will enter the Tropical House through a guided route to get closer to the world of reptiles and amphibians; boas, iguanas, chameleons or the adorable marmosets are some of them yet to be discovered. Their food, care and customs at your fingertips.

A world of colors will take you into our aquarium where you can find black tip sharks, corals, the funny “clown fish” or the endearing sea turtle, among many other species. A marine world to rediscover.

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They will go into their area and get to know the 12 specimens of Humboldt penguins in close proximity. You will take advantage of the moment of the taking to be able to be yourself who gives them to eat, caress them and capture a snapshot.
We will share with you how is the recovery of this species in our park.

Alimentación de pingüinos

Don’t forget to bring diving goggles, flip flops, a towel and a swimsuit and live the experience.

For more information and reservations you can contact through the email address: [email protected]

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