50 years of respect for nature and the reproduction of species

14 August, 2020

Since 1970 Marineland Mallorca has been developing animal conservation and research projects, aimed at preventing extinction and protecting animal species. The actions are jointly promoted with the Ministry of the Environment of the Balearic Government and COFIB in collaboration with the group’s Biology and Zoology Departments, mobilizing a team of professionals, managed by Félix Manuel Afonso, Marina Berenguer and José Ángel Mendoza , which make possible the reproduction of emblematic marine species such as dolphins, sea lions, penguins and the conservation and recovery of endemic species of the Balearic Islands such as the ‘Ferreret’.

Marineland Mallorca

Marineland Mallorca carries out an important work of conservationist reproduction of threatened species in the world, achieving that endangered species have been successfully reintroduced through specific reproduction programs. The importance of the mission has been recognized by prestigious institutions such as the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), highlighting the relevance of these centers in solving the environmental crisis and the conservation of species in the world.

Marineland Mallorca

Mission and vision of Marineland Mallorca

Love, respect and knowledge for the natural environment are key principles for the performance of the activity of Marineland Mallorca. Aware of the importance of caring for the environment, the commitment and respect for nature is shared with all visitors. An ideal and privileged window to project a message of respect, bringing nature closer to a society that lives increasingly distant from it.

The team of professionals sensitizes visitors by promoting learning and knowledge of the natural environment and its species, as the best alternative to prevent the effects of a global ecological crisis. In addition, scientific information is obtained on the species, enabling the conservation of animals in controlled environments that guarantee their survival.

Species are investigated promoting their threatened gene pools and obtaining information and experience for populations of other non-threatened species. In short, crucial work is carried out for the welfare and conservation of animals, instilling in visitors a love and respect for nature. Great human and material efforts are devoted annually to reduce the degree of threat to some of the species.

Alimentación de pingüinos

The recovery of the Balearic Sapillo (Alytes muletensis)

The recovery of the Balearic toad or ‘Ferreret’ (Alytes muletensis), developed by the team of professionals from Marineland Mallorca and in collaboration with the Balearic institutions, has made the survival of this endemic species of Mallorca possible. The toad was discovered in a cave in Establiments, a small amphibian in the Serra de Tramuntana, where the peasants knew it as ‘Ferreret’ because the song it emitted resembled the hammer blows of a blacksmith.

Since 1980 it was considered an endangered species motivated by the modification of its habitat by the hand of some predators and the contamination of the water, at which time Marineland Mallorca began its commitment to the conservation project. The captive breeding program has managed to guarantee the maintenance of the genetic reserves of specimens, preventing them from possible extinctions as a result of the transformation of the environment.

The work of protection and care for the natural environment characterizes the philosophy and commitment of the park that, since its origins in 1970, exercises a work of approach, learning and importance of conservation of the natural and animal environment.