Protocol: Prevention COVID19​

Protocol: Prevention COVID-19​

To minimize the risks of COVID-19 infection in our park a series of measures and procedures have been established and these will be reviewed and updated according to the evolution of the situation and the guidelines set by the Authorities.

Recommendations for your visit

  • COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease which can lead to serious consequences for health and even death. 
  • We ask for your maximum cooperation in following our recommendation, including those received from our members of staff.
  • To avoid possible contagion we politely ask that you do not visit us if your have a fever or symptoms similar to those associated with COVID-19, or if you suffer from a chronic disease that increases the probability of risk.
  • According to the health authorities, older people with previous pathologies are especially vulnerable. If you belong to a risk group and visit the park, you must adopt additional safety measures. 
  • Any person who develops symptoms of illness during their visit should inform the park staff and follow the established protocols.
  • The purchase of tickets online is recommended. 
  • Payment by card is requested, when possible, to reduce cash transactions and cash handling. 
  • In the event of limited capacity, the park may not be able to guarantee the sale of tickets at the park’s ticket desk for the same day.
  • We recommend good hygiene practices are followed to avoid the spread of infection during your visit: wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds, avoid touching your facemaintain social distance and cough or sneeze covering your elbow
  • We remind our visitors that when entering the park they assume the risk of being in public spaces with other people and that they are responsible for complying with the established rules and safety measures.
  • Smoking is prohibited within 2 m. from other persons.
  • In common areas, such as the Picnic or Restoration area, only a maximum of 10 people per table is allowed.

Protective measures in the park

  • It is important to respect the indications of the staff, signage, floor markings and announcements at all times.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask to access the park and it must be worn whilst in the park.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be provided at points where visitors must disinfect their hands. The toilets are also equipped with soap and water.
  • To ensure social distancing floor markings will be observed in potentially crowded areas and waiting areas.
  • Entrance and exit circuits have been created at certain points in the park to avoid crowding.
  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of specific areas and contact points has been increased.
  • All surfaces and objects that can be touched by visitors or employees will be cleaned and disinfected with the appropriate frequency.
  • Some of the park’s services could be limited or closed, in order to minimize the risks of contagion.
  • Food and drink points: the procedure for purchasing and receiving food and drink will be adapted to promote social distancing.
  • The maximum capacity of each area will be indicated with signage and users must follow the instructions of our staff to access them.
  • All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by their parents/guardians, who will ensure that they comply with the rules of social distance with other users.

Adaptation of our offer

  • Restaurants, shops and shows will open depending on the capacity and the daily visitor forecast to provide a service according to demand.
  • Changes in times and openings may occur for technical and operational reasons.
  • Delays may occur due to the completion of our security procedures. 

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