Dolphin encounter

Dolphin encounter

What is it?

It is an experience that brings the wonderful world of dolphins to all those who wish to know and learn more about these incredible animals.

The activity aims to bring, inform and raise awareness about the importance of conservation and care of this unique species in particular.

What will we do?

This activity will take place outside the water where, via an educational talk about dolphins, we will learn parts of their physiognomy and behaviour, such as: being able to differentiate males from females, learning how they sleep and many other interesting aspects. We will also project training techniques to play with the dolphins and, later, we could caress and even kiss our celebrities. All this will take always place in an environment which will be controlled by our caregivers.

After this great experience, a participation certificate and a specific non-exchangeable photo of the interaction will be provided.

The price of the ticket to the park is not included.


– Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

– Minimum age: 5 years.

– Languages ​​in which the educational talks are held are the following ones: Spanish and English.


We recommend arriving at the park before 11:00 a.m. and going to the stand located in front of the penguins where, depending on your needs and your interest in getting to know the dolphins up close, we can adapt you to the interactive program. In this way, they will also be able to secure places and the program team will answer all the questions they may have about it.
The payment would be made in the park once the interaction was completed. Due to internal park operations, prices are dynamic and may vary.









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