Dolphins Encounter

What is the dolphin encounter?

This is a NEW ACTIVITY that brings the wonderful world of dolphins closer to anyone who wants to know about the lives and biology of these animals, alongside our biologists and trainers.

The aim of the activity is to bring these wonderful creatures, dolphins, closer to visitors, informing about them and raising awareness. We always offer the encounter in Spanish and/or English. Peculiarities of their behaviour and details are mentioned that can’t be found in books.

A very exclusive activity. In small groups.

It’s an unforgettable experience!

Where is the activity held?
The encounter is held in the dolphin area with the aid of the dolphins; training techniques are explained, and the participant can do some of the exercises with the dolphins. They will kindly come closer so that we can see all of the details that their caretakers are describing to us. Veterinary care is explained, as well as biological aspects such as the difference between a male and a female, how they sleep, how they recognise each other… and many other interesting things about dolphins’ lives. The whole encounter is very interactive and entertaining.

Who is it aimed at?
All of the visitors to the park over the age of 7. People with reduced mobility should consult with park staff.

How much does it cost?
The activity lasts about 35-45 minutes and costs 65€/person. It must be bought once the client is in the park (the entrance fee is separate).

It’s not necessary to make any type of reservation. Find out about it today at the park box office!

Does it include a swim with dolphins?
No It is intended to bring people closer to dolphins mainly for educational purposes.
The activity takes place next to the pool.


  • Duration: approximately 35-45 minutes.
  • Price: 65€/participant (minimum age 7 years old), once they are inside the park.
  • Timetable: from Monday to Sunday at 12 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm.

The price includes:

  • Diploma accrediting participation in The Dolphin Encounter.
  • Marineland bag.

The price does NOT includes:

  • It doesn’t include entrance to the park, which must be bought in order to be able to enjoy this activity.
  • Any other photo that isn’t the one indicated above. The rest of the photos taken by the photography team during the encounter will be offered at a very special price by the Marineland department of photography.
  • Nothing that isn’t clearly specified in the section “The price includes:”


Marineland offers children the possibility of having an unforgettable holiday at our famous Summer School. Recreational activities with the aim of finding out about the animal world and promoting responsible behaviour in young children, all with a fun, educational focus.

Educational Offers

Come get to know us!

The Department of Environmental Educationcarries out a special program of activities aimed especially at schools. Through encountering animals, the idea is to favour learning and create experiences to stimulate young learners to have respect for the environment and to commit to preserving biodiversity.

Nearly 15,000 school students participate in the Marineland educational project annually. The activities are adapted to the different school levels: Nursery school, primary, secondary, and college preparatory. The youngest children who participate in educational program activities are 3 years old. These children work on a specific animal previously in school.

Teachers call it a research project or workshop, in which parents are also involved. After several weeks of work at school, the children go to Marineland and the instructors help them to supplement their work by answering their questions.

Gloria Fernández
Fiorella Debellis
Tel. +34 971 67 51 25
Fax. +34 971 67 55 54

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