Dolphin Area

Dolphin Area


If you want to have an unforgettable experience, come and meet our family of dolphins and enjoy the shows that we have every day, where you will learn many things, and without a doubt, you will catch the affection and respect that their caretakers show these enigmatic animals all the time!

Do you think that dolphins can manage to jump up to 6 metres high? Yes, they can! Don’t miss the opportunity to see how our dolphins, which weigh over 200 kg, manage to reach this height so easily!

Did you know that their pregnancies can last up to a year? And that thanks to rich mother’s milk, babies gain weight quickly? Do you want to see for yourself? Then come to meet Mar, our little baby born in June of 2015! We are proud to be able to introduce this wonder to all of our visitors and to be able to say that we are pioneers in Europe in bottlenose dolphin reproduction, with over 12 births!

Dolphin shows: 12:30PM & 4:00PM


Without a doubt, if you love these wonderful animals, you can’t miss this opportunity to get to know our dolphins in such a special way that we assure you that you won’t be able to forget it.

We are proud when visitors to the park tell us that the first thing they feel when they see us is the respect and esteem that we show to all of our animals, so we think that the best way to show it and to thank you for it is to allow you to have the good fortune to feel the same thing that the caretakers feel when they are with the dolphins.

We offer you different activities with the dolphins that will allow you to leave our park with a huge smile and a great desire to visit us again as soon as possible!

These activities are based on education about and the conservation of the bottlenose dolphin, as we think that knowledge is basic and fundamental to later respect, both for animals and for their habitat. You will learn many things about their biology, anatomy and curious facts about their day-to-day lives. Did you know that dolphins have whiskers when they are born? And did you ever wonder how they sleep? Well, don’t hesitate and come to enjoy a unique experience with all of us!

For information about reservations and prices, contact us at 93 765 4802 or by e-mail: [email protected]


How many times have you wondered whether these curious animals only eat fish, if they have hair, if they sleep in the water or outside of it, if they chew their fish, or perhaps whether their fins have bones inside? Did you know that they are the only mammals whose mother’s milk doesn’t contain lactose? We will let you know that our animals not only eat fish, we also supplement their carefully studied diets with high-quality calamari—yes, you read it right—squid! We are going to tell you a secret: squid is to our animals what sweets are for you—they love it! And it doesn’t end there—besides five different species of fish and the squid, our animals also eat a kind of flavourless, sugar-free gelatine made of collagen, made especially for these marine mammals, to ensure their health and well-being.

Don’t think about it anymore, come and meet Tao; our male, who weighs over 300 kg, is only 11 years old, and we assure you that you will be astonished when you see him!

But Tao isn’t alone—he has some very special companions, some beautiful females that will be delighted to meet you.
So when you come to see the sea lion shows we are fortunate to have every day with our animals, you will be able to ask us anything you want and to see it with your own eyes.
Sea lion exhibition: 12.00PM


In the facility located just in front of the underwater lookout, where you can see the dolphins and sea lions as if you were in the water, you will find a pair of common seals or harbour seals that will surprise you with their spotted grey and cinnamon-coloured fur. Did you know that the females of this species live longer than the males? Females can reach the age of 35, while males tend to reach the age of 25.

Seal hunting was a very common practice in the past, but now it’s generally illegal. Our goal is that during your visit, you have the chance to meet these surprising marine mammals, to help all animals in general that are in danger of extinction because of human beings and to be able to guarantee a future for all of the species on the planet.