A new member of our dolphin family was born in Marineland Cataluña

August 5, 2015

A female dolphin that weighs just 15 kilos. She is the daughter of the Marineland veteran Jordi, 35 years old and Montse, 36 years old. To celebrate the birth, Marineland has organised a competition where children can choose her name.

Even though she is yet to be named she is already one of the most beloved family members of Marineland Cataluña. The little baby dolphin, born on the 25th of June 2015, weighs 15 kilos and the pregnancy lasted a year.

It is fruit of the relationship between Jordi, a true veteran in Marineland Cataluña as he has been in the park since 1993 and Montse, 36 years old, who has been in the centre since 2007. “We are delighted with the birth. The baby dolphin breast feeds and spends the whole day with her mother, Montse. She has also met the rest of her dolphin family”, says Juan Salvador Silva, Dolphin carer at Marineland Cataluña since 1989.

The small dolphin has been welcomed by the other three dolphins, one female and two males. Cindy, Silver and Spat are delighted with the arrival of the new member of the Marineland family.

She will be breast fed until she is sixteen months old and after that she will begin to eat a solid diet consisting of fish such as herring, mackerel and squid.

To celebrate this great news, during the month of August the younger visitors of Marineland Cataluña can select one of the following names: Sea, Cel, Aigua and Ona.