Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds


Did you know that the intelligence of parrots is comparable to that of a 4-year-old child?
They are sociable, curious, and very affectionate.

Come to see our show and enjoy the wonderful free flight of macaws, with their long tail and incredible colours. You will see the strength of their powerful beaks and, at the same time, you will feel how delicate they can be with them.

Be surprised by the funny song of our kookaburra, one of the largest species of the kingfisher family, and enjoy our trumpeter hornbill’s acrobatics. Be dazzled by the white plumage of our cockatoos and their fantastic crests, and the lightness of our sun parakeets. You will meet Blue, our toucan, and Kini, our running Seriema.

If you like birds, don’t miss the opportunity to meet our friendly, talkative family of birds—have the experience of our Jungle Adventure.

And don’t forget to meet Junior, our little eclectus parrot born on 1st August, 2015.

Exotic birds shows: Low season  11:00AM & 3.00PM / High season 11:00AM & 3:30PM



We see birds every day. Some are small and cute, others are huge and surprising. But … what do we know about birds?

Their flight is a challenge to the laws of gravity, their plumage is a colourful fan, their songs are wonderful symphonies, their origin is a mystery, and their lives… come to Marineland and find out for yourself.

Take an exciting journey through our bird sanctuary, where you’ll find different birds from around the world!

We invite you to be a privileged viewer of bird behaviour and the relationship between them. You can find out for yourself what the birds eat by looking only at their beaks, and where they live by looking at the shape of their claws.

Discover the impressive beak of a trumpeter hornbill, the fun, colourful plumage of the turacos, and enjoy the noisy Indian geese and the great variety of pheasants that you can find. And let’s not forget the sacred ibis, which according to Egyptian legend, used to take the souls of the pharaohs to paradise.
Don’t be surprised if you make a friend during your visit.

We are all explorers by nature, come to Marineland and find out for yourself!

Don’t let other people tell you about it!

Feed time:  High season 17.30h

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